Marketing automation interview with Greg Blazewicz from SalesManago

  • Salesmanago CEO

Grzegorz (Greg) Błażewicz is the founder and CEO of fast-growing SalesManago. In this video, he shares expert tips about marketing automation, retail marketing and more

I like to talk to experts with practical experience in the marketing automation and data-driven marketing industry. The industry is changing rapidly. Technology is constantly improving allowing marketers to improve relevance and timing of communication. And achieve better results.

Listen to the interview with Greg – founder and CEO of SalesManago. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about helping businesses achieve results with marketing automation. 

Key takeaways and opinions from this marketing automation interview

  • B2C brands can achieve great results when using marketing automation
  • Retailers and online stores generate a lot of data. That’s a challenge for many marketing automation software providers
  • B2C marketing automation is a lot more complex than B2B, according to Greg
  • Customer behaviour is changing faster than marketing technology
  • Mobile marketing automation adoption is low, but moving ahead rapidly

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