Email unsubscribes tactics to win them backWhat do you do when your most important customers unsubscribe from your email marketing and email newsletters? What do you do when any customer or prospect unsubscribes from your email communication? Here is one idea that you can consider exemplified by a short case study from the Opera in Malmö, Sweden

Reactivating lost email newsletter and/or email marketing subscribers is possibly the most overlooked discipline within email marketing.

Because fact is that most email marketers no longer communicate through so-called traditional channels (telemarketing, direct mail). So when an important customer opts-out of email communication, that often means that no other communication is happening targeted at that particular customer.

And that is risky business.

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A focused reactivation program can help you stop that problem. Watch my silly video (Careful! Weird man is singing at the beginning of this marketing tip video.) or read on for more email marketing reactivation tips.

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And here a few additional considerations and take aways for you:

  • Everyone experience opt-out (unsubscribers) from email communication. But you should try to limit the unsubscribe rate to less than 0,5% if you are marketing to businesses and less than 1,5% if you are marketing to consumers
  • Remember that even your best and most loyal customers may unsubscribe. If your email marketing communication is the predominant communications vehicle of keeping in touch with those customers, be sure you have a back-up plan so that you can continue to serve those whom unsubscribe through a different communication channel
  • If you are concerned about the cost of reaching unsubscribed customers and prospect through direct mail, segment your database and use direct mail or post card marketing only to your most valuable customers and/or the prospects on your list that you consider most likely to buy from you
  • Hand written post cards work really well. It shows you care! It is likely that the recipient will appreciate your effort even more. Some people get blown-away by receiving hand-written letters – just like I was blown-away by the post card I received (as seen in the video above)
  • When you do use direct mail or post card marketing to win back lost email marketing permissions, do try to implement a response mechanism that would allow the recipient to respond with a unique code on your website. Get this newsletter to learn more about PURLs and other means of personalized response interaction

What to do next?
There are many ways to approach a win-back activity or an activity to re-engage inactive subscribers. Here are a few hints to what you could do to address this issue right now:

  1. Check how many people have unsubscribed from your email communication over the past – say – 6 months. If the numbers and/or the people whom have unsubscribed is significant, make a decision to plan and execute an activity to win at least 35% of them back within 1 month. If you want help on how to do that, you are welcome to contact Michael Leander Company
  2. To learn how many of your current subscribers are inactive, take a dump of your email marketing database complete with tracking data. Then datamine your data to find everyone whom have not clicked on a single link for the past – say – 6 months. If your email communication is relatively frequent, there is a good chance that you need to do something to re-activate those subscribers – because they simple aren’t paying attention to what you have to offer any longer.
  3. Although many tend to avoid the telephone these days, calling your subscribers and ex-subscribers might just be a good way for you to learn a few things. F.ex. why they have unsubscribed. But you can also use the telephone to win-back lost email subscribers. That may prove to be a good tactic especially targeting most valuable customers or hot prospects.
  4. Knowing the hardcore stuff such as cost of permission acquisition, the value a permission brings to you over the lifetime of a subscriber, the referral value and the cost of winning back subscribers will help you in your email marketing endeaveurs. And make it easy to make a decision to leverage instruments such as direct mail or outbound telemarketing.
  5. To avoid all of the above, make sure that you engage the right audience and keep them interested in what you have to offer.

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