In this interview with APPM (The Portuguese Marketing Association) you will get fresh marketing tips and inspiration. (I enjoyed being one of the keynote speakers at the annual APPM Congress)

After my presentation at the conference, I was asked to share my view on the topic “What CEO’s expect from CMO’s” and to give some advice marketers can use to improve (see content below).

The theme of the annual marketing conference in Portugal was interesting. Probably the best and most relevant conference theme I have seen in the past couple of years. Because the question “What a CEO expect from the CMO?” is super important.

Marketing tips for everyone

Listen to the video to hear about these and more marketing tips:

Michael Leander speaking

Keynote speaker Michael Leander at APPM Congress in Lisbon

After viewing the video, I wish we had talked more about what CEO’s expect from CMO’s – and perhaps what CMO’s expect of CEO’s.  I have held both positions and have many opinions on this topic. Oh, well. I will just have to write up and article or record another video to discuss that topic.

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How to change behavior is an important marketing tip

Some would perhaps say that the marketing tip “CMO’s need to change” isn’t much of a tip. But in my experience far too many CMO’s aren’t changing. Many aren’t even trying to adapt to the changing times and becoming more accountable, more ROMI focused, more marketing investment savvy.

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It is – perhaps – understandable. Because the role of a CMO today is so much different than the role of the CMO just five short years ago. D-S-M-L (Digital, Social, Mobile, Local) have changed the game for all marketers.

Digital was a monumental change for CMO’s. Social media even bigger. But now with mobility (Mobile, if you will), it is clear that marketers and their CMO’s are seriously challenged.

In this challenge lies threats and opportunities. I’d like to think that a smart CMO would naturally focus on the opportunities. And understand that marketing, product and service delivery innovation needs to come in to play. And while that may be difficult and a time-consuming project, the reward of succeeding with new innovation may very well deliver fantastic results. And – for some – even help to revive a less modern brand.

Perhaps that is a good topic for another blog post in the near future. Stay tuned – get my The Mind-Box free newsletter for more marketing tips and inspiration.