Michael Leander meets Dr Shah - CEO of Pring in Pakistan

Dr. Muqtaza Shah of Pring

“To travel is to live” – so said beloved fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen a long time ago.

I personally find traveling to be highly compelling mainly because it provides an opportunity to meet talented and interesting people in person. This article is about one of them – Dr. Muqtaza Shah, CEO of Pring – whom I interviewed in Karachi.

During my recent speaking trip to Pakistan, I was fortunate to meet Dr. Muqtaza Shah and other members of the highly successful team behind Pring – a mobile marketing and social networking platform.

Pring was recently awarded the prestigious Red Herring Global 100 finalist award. The only company from Pakistan to place on the list in 2012.

Following a chance meeting at the Sheraton Karachi, we decided to film a short interview. In the interview Dr. Shah talks about how Pring works and how Pring have been successful in providing a compelling mobile based social networking service to more than 4,5 million Pakistanis.

(yes we know that the sun got in the way of a picture perfect video, but hey – who is complaining when the sun is shining?)

Vimeo video so everybody can watch

If you missed the video at the top, here it is again;

Pring leverages an opportunity that allows marketers to engage feature phone users
What I found incredibly compelling about Pring is how the platform manages to engage both millions of feature phone users as well as smartphone and internet users. Having seen and experienced many mobile marketing platforms, I can honestly say that Pring is one of the best solutions I have seen.

9% response rate should get anyone interested
Brands are engaging Pring’s audience in different way. But according to Dr. Shah, the average response rate – similar to Click Through Rate for email marketing – is around 9%. In my opinion that is incredibly high and, perhaps even more important, a clear testament to a real win-win scenario for both consumers and brands alike.

Feature phone users are people too
In recent years I’ve noticed how I myself behave as if the whole world uses a smartphone. But reality is that there are hundreds of millions of feature phone users. In particular in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and South America. I was intrigued to learn how solutions such as Pring offers a rich social networking-kind-of user experience to feature phone users as well as smart phone users.

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