During my trip to Iran I met five South African professionals speakers and trainers. In this interview you can meet two of them. Namely sales and marketing trainer and speaker Jacques de Villiers and Richard Riche who is an expert in communications skills coaching and training.

In the video below Jacques de Villiers and Richard Riche gives tips about clear communication, feedback management, interpersonal skills and content marketing. If you don’t have time to watch the video now, Get the 360 Degree Dialogue Brief Newsletter here

We are hoping to bring you more content from these two fine South African professionals.

By the way if you cannot hear the dialogue at the beginning of the video, here is a transcript;
– Michael Leander sits down in the couch and says “it is good that I am not a big man”
– To that Richard Riche replies “is it a tight fit for you?” short pause and then “is that what you like””
– To that Michael Leander responds “what kind of question is that?” and then all three laughs.

In fact we all had a lot of laughs during the days we spent together in Teheran. Even-though all speakers faced some rather stressful situations related to the marketing and sales conferences we spoke at, all six speakers demonstrated a really good sense of humor.

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