mobile marketing pakistan attendee at Michael Leander's session

Attendee at mobile marketing session @Digit12

The hugely successful Digit 12 was the first digital marketing conference in Karachi. I was asked to give a presentation on Mobile Marketing as part of a break-out session. On this page I share the slides and more content related to mobile marketing.

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Mobile marketing in Pakistan is growing rapidly. While smart phone users only account for less than 6 million of a total of 120 million sim cards in use, vendors such as Pring are enabling advertisers to engage with feature phone users in Pakistan.

So Pakistan is not iPhone or Andorid land – at least not yet. And thus a different approach to mobile marketing is required in this beautiful land.

Because of my limited knowledge of the Pakistani mobile marketing market, my presentation intended to highlight some of the obstacles involved with mobile marketing. In summary, marketers need to understand consumer and business buyer behavior, and then understand how they can leverage the mobile media to engage and convert the audience.

You can see the slides here:

I was honored that a highly engaged group of Pakistani marketing professionals decided to attend my session, and look forward to providing them with the follow-up material over the coming weeks and months.

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