naked marketing bookThe Brazilian city of Sao Paulo banned outdoor advertising. No more colorful or creative advertising billboards. No more intrusive and in-your-face displays for you to trip on outside retail shops. In his book Naked Marketing, author Christian Andersen describes the Brazilian no-advertising experiment and many more interesting use-cases.

Disclaimer: Naked Marketing may not be what you think. It merely refers to naked buildings stripped for advertisements. Such as it happened in Sao Paulo.

The content of Naked Marketing is fresh and thought-provoking. This marketing book is loaded with inspiring case studies and insight. (you may also want to check-out Christian Andersen’s first book Recommended – free to download here)

To travel is to live. To live is to experience. And measuring experiences reports the naked truth

In the video on this page, you’ll hear from author Christian Andersen why he wrote the book. Christian is the CEO of Relationwise. Based in Copenhagen and London this up-and-coming startup have made it their mission to help businesses measure customer satisfaction. They do that in ways that works even for small and medium sized businesses.

You may have watched my interview from Bogotá with another author and customer measurement expert – Seattle based Bob Hayes. Unlike Bob, Christian and his team seem to be firm believers of customer feedback systems based on the NPS (Net Promoter Score). NPS is a a customer feedback system developed by Fred Reichheld. Judging based on Relationwise’s customer testimonials, NPS – as implemented with Relationwise – seems to work for businesses small and large.

Eyeopening travels
There are few people in Denmark who ever studied the Russian language. Christian Andersen is one of them. (I was the other). Clearly not a conformist, Christian is an explorer, a seeker of experiences.

He is also quite the globetrotter. His ventures has led him on trips to many places all over our colourful globe. All of that has helped him shape a solid and informed opinion about the importance of THE customer experience. Christian Andersen has experienced first hand how brands and advertisers operate in many parts of the world. He has received good customer service in places least expecting it. And bad where his expectations were set for an excellent experience. It is difficult to disagree with him when he states: “every business can improve their customer experience. And when they do, it is good for everybody.”

Naked Marketing is written with passion. A passion to help businesses reflect about the new paradigm in marketing. A paradigm with more Naked buildings fit for billboards.

If you want a PDF copy of the book – go here to download it for free

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