Online video marketing: interview with Steffan Aquarone, producer of Tortoise in Love

Michael Leander interviews Steff Aquarone about video marketingMichael Leander spoke to online video marketing expert and speaker Steffan Aquarone in conjunction with a speaking engagement in Vilnius, Lithuania.

See the interview, which talks a bit about good strategies for online content and gives you some good motion picture advice from the producer of the new film “Tortoise in Love”.

Breaking news: Steff’s movie “Tortoise in Love” can be found on Amazon here

A professional speaker and online video marketing strategies, Steffan Aquarone is a well known name in the digital marketing industry. Listen to this interview and get practical advise on how to approach moving picture content and much more.

You can learn more about Steffan Aquarone here:

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About the Author:

Michael Leander is an award winning international speaker, trainer, consultant and board member. He speaks about topics related to marketing automation, email marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, direct marketing, CRM and loyalty marketing. A consistently highly rated keynote speaker, marketing workshop trainer and panelist, he has shared his knowledge in more than 40 countries. Practicing what he preaches, Michael Leander also shares his knowledge and ideas on his blog and in all of the most popular social channels. Michael Leander hails from the Kingdom of Denmark.