Personalization of your communication is a sure fire way to improve your results. Research have shown that for email marketing, personalized emails gets you a 14% increase in click-through-rates and a 10% increase in conversion. And when you personalize the website experience as much as 19% uplift in sales. 

Personalization of your marketing communications is not difficult or another fancy-pancy marketing buzz word. But personalizing your communication is vital to improve the effectiveness of your communication. As an added bonus your target audience will perceive your communication to be more relevant when it is personalized.

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Where should you be personalizing your communications?
It is likely that you have an email marketing list. My advice would be to start there. Even the simplest form of personalization can prove to deliver better results for you. But eventually you want to take your personalization beyond that.

For email marketing personalizing content to each recipient is highly effective. Yet most email marketers don’t do it.  Big mistake. Especially since it is very easy to use personalization in email communication.

In the video I talk about audience “profiling”. You need to have a plan for profiling and an understanding of how you are going to use the profiling information to improve the personalization and targeting of your messages. But once you’ve got that, you are good to go. Trust me, there is nothing to it. You do of course need to do the work to reap the rewards. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, don’t hesitate to hire an external consultant to help you.

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Personalizing the website experience is next step
Most experts these days talk a lot about personalizing the website browsing experience. And I agree that this is a powerful method to increase visitor engagement and subsequently conversion. Studies show that organizations report a 19% uplift in sales as a result of personalizing the browsing experience.

But it ain’t easy to get started.

You will need the right CMS (a popular one is Sitecore), you’ll need skills, time and resources to implement and you’ll need lots of targeted content – and not just content, but content in context.

Businesses that have taken steps to implement personalized – or customized – website experiences report very significant improvements on all KPI’s (metrics) that matter. So perhaps what you need to do is to deisgn a plan for how you get there.

I will do my best to provide you more concrete information in the near future.

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