Recently Michael Leander presented the second 2 hour long Facebook Marketing webinar for Markedu. Here is the slide deck used along with a few comments from Michael Leander.

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The whole marketing game seems to have turned into a game of understanding how to operate various platforms and tools. Most people seem obsessed with tactics, tools and techniques. Only few actually take the time out to understand why they need a presence – for example – on Facebook, why they are relevant to their audience and what they are going to offer.

Facebook questions for successOn the offset it seems a no brainer to engage in social media. But it is important that marketers ask themselves a number of important questions before they dive in too deep. These questions will help you ensure that when you do kick-off your Facebook activities, at least your effors are grounded in a plan as opposed to simply dive into it head first. Some of the Facebook questions are listed here:

  • why do we need a presence on Facebook?
  • what are my objectives for being on Facebook – tangible and otherwise?
  • what do I need to do now and on a continuous basis to establish a successful presence on Facebook?
  • can I justify the time I and my team of internal and/or external marketers need to invest? (that’s what I refer to as ROT – Return on Time)
  • do I honestly believe that I can create compelling content that will engage my audience in conversation?

As someone who have invested tons of hours and a bit of cash experimenting with social networks such as Facebook, I tell you; it aint as easy to become successful in social networks as it would appear at first glance. Why? Because essentially it is about building an engaging community. And that in itself is challenging for 90% of all businesses.

Sure if we think about the major brands in any markets, they have a community already. So their job is simply to engage with that community in different ways. But what about the unknown brands? What about the many businesses that are lacking the resources to do the engagement job properly? Well, they need to identify a highly compelling offering. And while that may be rather easy to do in terms of launching a presence, it is seriously hard work to stay compelling over a longer period of time.

What about short-cuts to build a community fast?
Interestingly there are plenty of short-cuts to build a large community on Facebook. One of them is advertising. Another is to engage people in games, contests, prize winning activities. But experience shows that while you may attract loads of people in a short period of time, more often than not, they simply don’t engage apart from that initial reaction.

Consistency is key – even if it is difficult
What I have learned over the past years is that consistency is absolutely key to becoming successful curating a community. And for my activities I have found that challenging. But if you are able to consistently add value to your community, consistently and frequently engage on a personal level with community members, you stand a good chance of success eventually. But it may take a lot longer time to get to that point where you experience real, tangible Return on Marketing Investment. But when you do, it is well worth it.

Remember what Piet Hein said in one of his famous “Grooks”: TTT – Things Take Time and often 3-5 times longer than you expect

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