5 proven ways to make the most of any new idea or digital marketing campaign.

Read these five tips in the context of digital marketing ideas for campaigns and for developing new digital marketing assets! They premiered at the WebExpo in Prague where I was one of the speakers.

Many great digital marketing campaign (or asset) ideas fail because of poor implementation. Often ideas originate with the “business people” or project managers. These rarely engage early enough with those charged with the implementation. That is a problem.

Here are 5 of several ways to make the most of any new idea – including your digital marketing ideas:

1. Involve developers and technie people early in the process

techie digital marketingOften technical insight is required to evaluate the feasibility of an idea. Technically minded staff are able to assess how to best implement an idea or a new digital marketing asset.

Technically minded staff are often able to foresee potential problems or pitfalls. And people with a technical background more often than not will help you improve on your original idea. But the trick is to get these folks involved from the start. Make them an integrated part of the process and you will see a different and more proactive approach. If you merely see them as task-masters, you will never get the success you are looking for – or the kind of team-collaboration we all are striving for.

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2. Copywriting is essential – text makes people buy

copywriting digital marketingIn the marketing industry web designers and creative directors are amongst the most celebrated people. Copywriters not so much. That is a mistake. While creative, design and graphic elements contribute to the success of an idea, often the copy is what makes the difference. A good copywriter can work miracles for you.

You may also want to think about your process. Many campaigns start by creating graphics, design or web-structure. I say that starting with your copy and text is a much better way. Get the copy done first before you brief the designers. You also want to be sure that your copywriters is briefed properly on tip #4 – differentiation.

Remember that digital marketing ideas don’t sell themselves. Carefully chosen words are needed to help sell.

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3. Flowchart your idea and your campaign

flowchart digital marketingVery few people take time to plan the implementation and the details of it properly. And even fewer flowchart the process to create a visual overview of all the elements. That is a mistake. The success is often in the detail. And important details are often forgotten or not given sufficient focus.

A great campaign will be one that engages an audience over a longer period of time. For that reason you’ll want to ask the question “what’s next in order to keep the audience engaged?” a lot. What’s next after someone clicks somewhere, what’s next after someone doesn’t open an email, what’s next when someone leaves your  website or landing page etc.

If you do not properly flowchart your activities when you are working with marketing automation, triggers and nurturing, the risk is the same as if a visually impaired person drove extremely fast in the wrong side of the road without a seatbelt: very, very risky! Obviously you do not want to risk failing with your brilliant digital marketing ideas. Better safe than sorry, as they say! So please do the homework; flowchart your processes and address very little detail.

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4. Plan for differentiation from the get-go

differentiate digital marketingDifferentiating your messages or approach is important. Think about your different audiences. And understand their different needs and what drives each audience type to action or purchase.
Make sure you always differentiate communication to customers from the content of messaging used when targeting potential customers.

We talk an awful lot about 1-to-1 marketing, customization and differentiation, but the sad reality is that very few actually implement these principles.

I think it is because it seems complex on the surface. Some don’t because of the increased workload involved with differentiation. True, there is more work involved. But – and you can take my word for it – you are also going to experience significantly better results on all parameters; interaction, response rates, recommendation rate and the loyalty parameters.

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5. Know how you are going to track and measure the success of your digital marketing ideas and assets

Objective driven organizations are very good at tracking and measuring. Most others not. And that is a crime if you ask me. You must take the time to ensure that you have decided what you are going to track, which of those elements are crucial to your success and how you are going to evaluate your success.

Setting up conversion-funnels, for example, is often ignored or forgotten. That is a big mistake. Ideally you’ll want to track the performance of all of your different media-channels; paid and non-paid.

You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from keeping an eye on the ball. Having regular meetings with all involved where you discuss the numbers is a surefire way to improve your results. I always recommend a weekly meeting where the objective is to isolate non-performing areas to decide what to do next to improve. A tip for these meetings: make sure everyone has had time to study and understand the numbers before the meeting starts.

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