If you work in marketing or communications you have probably experienced  some of the problems listed on this page. But don’t worry. There is a solution to nearly every problem on the internet. I have collected answers to some of the most common problems marketers face. Enjoy! 

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So here we go in no particular order (this is not affiliate driven and I do not endorse any of the solutions mentioned)

1. You want to make sure that your copy is readable and good

readability testMany marketers believe that a complex text full of fancy words and jargon equals good copy. Wrong ! It is said that good copy is easy and quick to read. The readability test is a helpful tool for knowing just how readable your copy is. The test scores your copy.

For example the last 51 words you just read scores 69 on the Flesch-Kincaid Reading Test. That is good score for web-copy.

Go take the readability test here  (http://www.readability-score.com)

2. Using freelancers and agencies you are concerned about plagiarism

avoid plagiarism onlineCopywriting is important because content and conversion is so important.  So you want to take the readability test mentioned above. But you also want to check your content for plagiarism. It is a sad fact that some (cheaper) freelancers and content writing sometimes copy other people’s content and present it as their own. That’s a sad fact of life.

Avoid embarrassment and check your copy for plagiarism. The Write Check tool offers grammar check too. Don’t know about you, but I certainly need that being a foreigner writing English.

Correct grammar and check for plagiarism

3. You want to tell a colleague exactly how you feel, but don’t want to leave any evidence behind

Selfdestructive emailNot sure how many of us have this problem. But wouldn’t it be nice to send an email to a colleague just to let that person know exactly how you feel? Good or bad! I kind of like the concept.

Go here to write a note that will self-destruct after it has been read

4. For whatever reason you want your copy to rhyme

Sometimes, I suppose, rhyming your benefits and call to actions might be a good idea. Or if you would like to drive a point home with a rhyme. Rhymer is a solution that allows you to match rhyming words. Try it out.

> Go to see end rhymes for problems

> Go here to start rhyming away, to keep boredom at bay


5. You want to know the origin of a word

rhyming for readability and marketing actionsHave you ever found yourself wondering about the origin of a word? How about the noun “marketing”, for example. How long do you think that word has been around? Thanks to all the good work of Douglas Harper you can now check the origin of words in his Online Etymology Dictionary.

Tip; if you are looking for stories or concepts, sometimes researching words, their origin and meaning can lead you to an interesting place. Or perhaps that is only folks with a wicked brain like mine ?  (the word “wicked” originated around 1200 and stems from the earlier “wick”)

Go have a spin here and see for yourself

6. You had a rough night and you need a “waker-upper”

A telephone call is more likely to get your attention when you are fast asleep than, for example, an alarm buzzer. So what do you do? Ask your mother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or someone else to give you call? Or do you save yourself the embarrassment and turn to an online service?

I know what I would do.  Wakerupper is one of the services offering wake up calls and much more.

Go see how you can schedule a wakeruppper


7. You need a comic strip or cartoon strip, but have no budget

create a cartoon strip or comic stripWatch out! Creating a comic strip is hard work. And very addictive. I know. It took me all of 20 minutes to create the “comic” strip you see above. I won’t be making it as a successful comic strip writer anytime soon. So I’ll stick to plain ol’ cartoon strips in the future.

Did you know that cartoons seems to be better at getting people’s attention than – say – photographs? I read that somewhere. But cannot find the study that proves it. If I do, I’ll let you know.

Go ahead and check out this comic strip creator for free. It is a whole lot of fun

8. You are considering a job offer, but wonder what it is like to work there

marketing problemsYou know that nearly every employer will paint a rosy-red picture when describing what it is like to work at said company. In the past all we had to go by was the general perception of a given company. But Glassdoor aims to help you make informed decisions about companies. They do that through past and present employee reviews.

 glassdoor.com — Research what it is like to work with specific companies based on past and present employee reviews.

9. You want to make a webpage printer friendly

Sometimes printing a webpage turns out to give a different result than expected. And while we all are trying to print less, sometimes it simply makes a whole lot of sense to get a good old fashioned print of an important webpage.

This solution let’s you do just that – go ahead and check it out 

10. You want someone to join a quick online meeting

Getting someone to join you online for a quick meeting or presentation is no longer an issue. Anyone can do it as no technical skills are required thanks to the many easy to use services available. One of this is Join.me.

Have a look at Join.me and see how easy it is to meet someone online

11. You want to know how your website ranks and more

Minutes is all it takes for modern solutions to quickly assess the quality of your web-presence. The market for this type of service is literally flooded with solutions. Many of them are worthless and a waste of time. I cannot tell you which is the best solution. But here are a few links to some of these website ranking and website improvement services.

Woorank (they want a credit card to give you a trial)

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