The Rodirect 2011 took place from 1 to 3 November in Bucharest, Romania. Michael Leander delivered an email marketing and social media marketing masterclass on the first day. Organized by ARMAD, it was sponsored by Wellington IT, Mediapost Hitmail and Proximity Romania.

Some 30 Romanian professional marketers including client side folks from Adidas, Mercedes, Studio Moderna, Noriel Toys, agency representatives from Proximity, Mediapost Hitmail, Create Direct and publishers such as Adevarul Holding attended the Social Media & Email Marketing Masterclass at Pullman Hotel in Bucharest.

Slides and comments to each section
This was the first time Michael Leander combined email marketing and social media marketing in a full day masterclass. Here follows the slide decks along with his comment for each section.

Part 1: The opening introduction

  • Believing that direct mail and email marketing is dead is outright false. Direct mail still produces great results, and the email marketing volume continues to rise.
  • Be careful about what you choose believe. So-called social media experts have a tendency to make false claims about the effect of other – and especially traditional – media channels. The reason, of course, is that more often than not these people have very little experience with other channels. Remember the old saying “if all you have is a hammer, all problems looks like a nail”
  • Marketers need to understand consumer and business buyer preferences when it comes to deciding the mix of direct and digital marketing channels. As much as possible ask your target audience about their media preferences.
  • In many surveys 25% of consumers say they prefer direct mail. Remember that a potential customer will take preference for different communication channels depending on where that person is in the buying process

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  • Successful marketers are customer centric and media agnostic and understand that the brain is becoming increasingly good at filtering your messages. Relevancy is key and getting in the mind-box is king.
  • Think about which problem you are solving for your potential customers
  • Romy and Ruth should be your best friends. Your time is valuable and should produce a return.adidas employees from romania
  • The good old AIDA still works, but AID+LIRA might be a better model for social media marketing activities
  • In any market it is estimated to 3% of the target audience is buying now.
  • No sex on the first date! Your audience want’s a dating process. You need to build trust.
  • Remember the 40/40/10/10 rule in email marketing and the 40/40/20 rule in marketing in general
  • Think about how you are applying the rules of the top 2% marketers. What do you need to change to become better?
  • Social media marketing takes time to work. Remember TTT – Things take time and often 3-5 times longer than you expect

Part 2: Building your community

See presentation slides here Building community at Rodirect 11

  • The more content you have, the more users you will get.
  • Be patient! Building a sizeable community for most marketers takes time.
  • Think like a publisher when you build your content concept. You need to identify your uniqueness and stick your raisson d’etre
  • When your content concept has been developed you need to translate that into a value proposition.
  • Whatever you do, think about these words: Unique, Passionate, Emotional, Authentic, Focused, Interactive and Meaningful. Whenever you seed content, ask yourself “is this likely to stir an emotion?”
  • An unconventional content concept can work too. Think about the PC vs. Apple story.
  • Getting in the Mind Box is what it is all about. You want your audience to remember you.
  • One great way of doing that – as f.ex. Adidas explained in “Your Turn to Shine” – is to play the exclusivity card
  • Noriel Toys played the involvement card since parents play a huge role in getting kids the toys they want
  • You need a synchronized content concept for all of your social media channels; blogs, video channels, for social networks, micro blogging etc.
  • Don’t leave anything to chance

Part 3: Acquire subscribers, followers and likes

See presentation slides here Acquire subscribers and likes at Rodirect 11

  • Acquire customers in channels where your prospects are
  • The flow from exposure – for example in banners – to sign-up must be aligned and tested.
  • Integrate call to actions properly and remember given people a choice (of call to actions) is likely to increase response
  • Writing relevant articles and successfully seeding them with an objective to acquire new likes, or subscribers, is essential
  • Check your web-stats frequently to spot new opportunities for improvement
  • Sharing to social media from your email marketing can be a great way to reach new people

Part 4: Increase social media marketing results

See presentation slides here Increase social media results RODIRECT 2011

Part 5: Increase email marketing results

See presentation slides here Increase email marketing results Rodirect 11

  • Believing that email marketing is dead is outright false. Email marketing volume continues to rise – and if you play your cards right you too can get success from email newsletters and campaigns
  • Sender name is important. Testing subject lines pays off.
  • Preheaders can be a good tactic to increase response.
  • Getting your audience to opt-in to different types of channels is usually a good idea. Balance channels with different frequencies and purposes.
  • Your email value proposition is important. Remember you content concept and stick to what you promise your audience.
  • Set expectations you are certain that you can fulfill.
  • Respect opt-out and be sure to test your database frequently to identify inactives
  • The first 30 days of a new email subscriber; setup a welcome program

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