Recently in Lisbon I talked to retail marketing and retail growth and turnaround expert Jesper Carvalho Andersen. Listen to the video to get expert insight on some key retail marketing trends

Jesper Carvalho Andersen (see him on LinkedIn here) is originally from Denmark, but has worked professionally in the Mediterranean region for over 20 years.

With an executive management background from brands such as Zara Massimo Dutti (fashion brand from Inditex), Vista Alegra Atlantis (ceramics, glassware), Minisom (hearing aids) and IC Companys (fashion with brands like Tiger of Sweden, Peak Performance and more), Jesper is currently helping retail focused businesses as a turnaround expert and growth consultant.

There is a digital solution for most retail problems

In the video on this page, Jesper C. Andersen talks about how there is a digital solution for most retail problems, but that a mindset change is required for retailers to fully leverage digital opportunities. Omnichannel is nothing but a buzz-word if retail executives don’t fully understand the implications of how differently consumers behave now as opposed to just a few years ago.

The power of database and the addressable consumer

The area of addressable consumer vs. unaddressable is also discussed and Jesper points out that this is an interesting challenge for retailers. In particular because of the necessary involvement required by the sales staff. This requires a mindset shift, better and ongoing training of staff and a well prepared implementation plan for retailers.

But the upside, as mentioned in the video, is interesting because building a better and more relevant database of customers and potential customers is a strong tool for improving customer retention rates and share of wallet.

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