Reveal based marketing is an interesting concept. I met up with the co-founder of Scratch-It, Robert Haydock. Robert and his team have achieved amazing results when applying the reveal based marketing techniques in email marketing campaigns.

Check out what Robert Haydock has to say about reveal based marketing and how successful email marketers are applying the concept of Scratch-it to get amazing results.

What I like about the way Scratch-it approaches reveal based marketing is that the solution is mobile native. I think many email marketers would see very good results when using these principles. When you see a  Scratch-it reveal based campaign, you’ll probably agree.

Incidentally, Robert and his team have out together a guide to reveal based marketing. You can download it for free here

The P.S.

This video was filmed on a nice and chilly November day in Nyhavn, Copenhagen. Robert had flown over to meet all the way from Oregon. A Portuguese colleague, Robert and myself had a long, nice walk around the city of Copenhagen. And enjoyed talking about the challenges facing marketers in general and email marketers in particular.
You’ll hear much more about Robert Haydock and Scratch-it in the near future. For now, follow the links below

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