The RODIRECT direct marketing conference organized by ARMAD took place in Bucharest on 2 November. Below you will find slide decks and comments.

Some 60 Romanian marketing professionals registered to attend the RODIRECT conference on 2 November 2011. The conference had presenters such as Mathilde Fiquet from FEDMA in Belgium, Axel Wallin from ROI Division in Sweden, Ian Moore from Blue Chip Marketing in Scotland, Yonathan Dominitz from Mindscapes in Israel, Ted Tanase from Wellington IT in Ireland and Michael Leander.

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Here is Michael Leander’s quick report – scroll down to find slides and video
While I didn’t have a chance to listen to all of the presentations, I am sure that Mathilde Fiquet from FEDMA presented some valuable input on EU legislation on data protection and direct marketing. I cannot stress how important it is that marketers take time to fully understand the current legislation.

And I heard from other attendees that Ian Moore (author of Does Your Marketing Sell – check it out on Amazon here) presented some interesting thoughts on the new AIDA. I cannot wait to follow up with Ian and Fiona Moore to learn more about this important topic. I will of course keep you posted on this blog, and in the Mind Box newsletters (get it here)

I did hear part of Axel Wallin’s presentation. He presented some interesting case studies and examples of the use of technology. There is an exciting future ahead of some of us, that’s for sure.

Yonathan Dominitz did an interesting and highly interactive presentation about finding patterns in creativity. There is a short video of his presentation below.

Slide deck from Michael Leander’s presentation

How to survive the future of marketing – Keynote at RODIRECT

Video snippet of Yonathan Dominitz presentation

What happened after the fact?

ian and fiona moore in romaniaARMAD hosted a very nice dinner in a super nice restaurant. Lots of Serbian and Romanian food on the table and a lively discussion for hours. Once again I was lucky enough to experience the awesome Romanian hospitality. On the picture to the left you see Ian and Fiona Moore.

Congratulations to ARMAD for hosting such a wonderful direct marketing conference.

Unfortunately I had to leave Romania the next day. But before I did I met up with Sebastian Vaduva for a talk about mobile apps. Check the video interview here.