Rory Sutherland is without question on my top 3 list of the smartest people I have met. But even more importantly, he talks sense. No wonder he has become such a rockstar in the world of direct marketing. Listen to the interview and try to keep up.

Rory Sutherland and I are both lecturers at direct marketing guru Drayton Bird’s EADIM course (European Academy of Direct & Digital Marketing). And what a treat that is. Because Rory Sutherland is not just another smart marketing fellow. He is an amazingly smart fellow with an enormously curious mind. And – perhaps most importantly – an outstanding presenter with an outstanding humor / humour.

So. Lean back and enjoy the interview. Scroll down to learn more about Rory Sutherland and how you too can attend this year’s EADIM.

If you want to learn more about Rory Sutherland, use your mouse below. Check out EADIM here

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