Steve Jobs talks about marketing and makes a lot of sense

  • Video with Steve Jobs talking about marketing, branding and positioning

Steve Jobs of Apple talks about marketing and makes a lot of sense in this video from 1997. At the end of the video he introduces the Apple Think Different TV Commercial, which apparently never aired.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a brand marketing specialist, I think you just might be inspired by the first 3 minutes of this Steve Jobs talk about marketing. What he says makes a whole lot of commonsense. Yet many of us are guilty of not using our commonsense marketing when we approach our brand and positioning, not to mention points of differentation.

As you may remember, Steve Jobs was a pioneer in many areas of technology and business. But he also put his mark on the world of marketing and branding.

The Apple Computer TV commercial from 1984 was quite different from anything else the industry put out there in terms of TV commmercial during that era. Watch it for yourself here:

If you are interested in other Apple TV Commercials, check the video below


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