Tested and proven formula on how to structure blog posts for maximum readership

  • Blogging formula to success on how to write better blog posts

Blogging for success with better structureHave you wondered why many of your blog posts gets no or little traction? Is the bounce rate on your blog posts too high?

Would you like to fix these issues and achieve better conversion to call to action from each and everyone of your blog posts? Then read on and learn how to build a better blog post structure from the Infographic.

Take a look at the infographic from Socialtriggers below. It summarizes what a good blog post looks like. There are at least 3 important components to remember for writing effective blog posts;

  1. The headline is everything. You need to work on it and then work on it some more to create the most compelling, intriguing and attention grabbing headline you possibly can
  2. Spread call to actions (what you would like readers to do next) throughout the blog post. Not just at the bottom, but in between the actual blog text as well
  3. The time you spend on a timeless blog post is well worth it. Many blog posts written today are also relevant 2, 3, 5 years from now. Take that into consideration when you decide how much time/money to invest in writing.

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The formula for the perfect blog post – study it and learn from it
When you write your next blog post, try implementing the advise you get from the Infographic below. And then study your analytic tool. Did it make a difference? Did you manage to decrease bounce rate and increase call to action conversions?



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