Trends in marketing for the next 5 yearsMediacom published the report “The next five years in marketing”. It does contain some interesting thoughts and is a fast read. It talks about various marketing trends that might be relevant to CEO’s, CMO’s and brand managers.

The report was published in October 2012 and looked towards marketing in the year 2015. But I still think it is relevant to suck in this information.

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I don’t know about you, but I like to think about what the immediate future may look like.

As Gretzky – a famous Canadian icehocker player said “it is not about going to where the puck is, but anticipating where it will come to next that defines great players” (or something like that).

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So reading thoughts from some of the dominating industry players does provide insights and perspective. And perhaps you will be able to process this and other information to help you better understand where the market is going. And, more importantly, how your customers behavior is going to change over the coming years.

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