Michael Leander spent a week in Teheran where he spoke at two conferences. This is another entry in the Iran Tour Series where Michael Leander shares some of his Iranian experiences

On one of the days off, Michael Leander went for a walk with fellow speaker Jacques de Villiers. Jacques is from South Africa and is one of the leading speakers and trainers in South Africa. He was kind enough to operate the camera for the video below. In 2 minutes Michael Leander summarizes his views on Iran, its people, food and internet marketing in Iran

During the Internet Marketing Strategies conference, Michael Leander was interviewed by the Iranian TV 4. Unfortunately the interview was very much improvised as the organizers seemingly forgot to mention that Iran TV4 would be coming to interview the speakers.

Erik Vermeulen, Jacques de Villiers and Michael Leander decided to video tape a back-up. So below you can find our “pirat” versions of the interviews.

As soon as the interviews have aired on Iran TV4 we hope to receive the footage and will post it here for your perusal. Get the newsletter to be sure you get notified.

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