How to get more concrete results from Twitter marketing activities is a head-ache for many marketers. Many end up growing a large Twitter following, but still finds themselves not getting the results they were looking for. This little piece may help you get back on the right track.

Reality for most Twitter marketers is that they setup activities to acquire followers, but more often than not end up attracting followers whom don’t speak their language and aren’t really interested in the Tweeted topics.

So if you are like most Twitter marketing users, you probably know that you aren’t getting the results you were looking for. And you may be wondering why.

Well, I am in exactly the same situation for some of the Twitter accounts I run. In particular this one . When that account had around 5.000 followers it was doing really well. It enjoyed an average of 100 clicks on each Tweet – that’s 2%. But for the past 12 months results have gradually declined. With some 16.500 followers these days I am lucky if I average 75 clicks – that’s less than 0,5%.

Since Twitter is a topic I speak about at workshops, seminars and in-company training courses, I decided to do a bit of research to better understand why my followers aren’t reacting to my Tweets as I would like them to.

But let’s state the obvious first; I know that the quality of the content I have shared with my followers have not always been up to par. That is a surely one of the reasons why the results have declined.

Another reason is that – up until yesterday – I knew very little about my Twitter followers. So that is what I set out to find out. Check what I learned by using a nice, new tool. Go to the bottom of the page to learn about the tool I used.

1. First I wanted to learn where my Twitter followers live – the result surprised me
What you see below is a subset of 5.000 of the 16.500 Twitter followers on the @michaelleander account. I had expected a larger proportion to be based in North America. I was wrong.

[Large image here]








2. Which languages do my Twitter followers speak – that surprised me too
Twitter followers languages diagram for Michael LeanderAs you can see in this diagram, the vast majority of the Twitter followers had English as their language of choice. Larger image here

Many users do not change the default language setting. Keeping the above demographic diagram in mind, it is highly likely that a good portion of the English speakers aren’t native English speakers.

3. How influential are my Twitter followers – interesting information
It is certainly an advantage to attract influential followers. Especially if you are able to get those influential followers to interact with you on Twitter or – even better perhaps – retweet or comment on your Tweets. Larger image here

The @Michaelleander Twitter account I analyzed has an influence score of 59,15. But only 9,8% of the followers of that account has achieved an influence score higher than 60%.

So one thing I should work on is to attract more influential people to follow this account.

4. How many follow the people whom follow me on Twitter?

I think this piece of information is rather interesting. As you can see only 20% of the people whom follow @michaelleander has more than 10.000 followers. And 43% of my followers has less than 1.000 people following them. Larger image here

A wining formula for Twitter is to engage the right people with the right content and then in turn earn the Retweet or Mention. Easy to say, but very difficult to do. Since 122 of my followers have more than 100.000 people following them, I should spend some time figuring out who they are, what they are interested in, and then find a way to engage them.

5. How recent have my followers Tweeted?
Nearly 20% of my Twitter followers haven’t Tweeted anything in the past 3 months. This, of course, doesn’t mean they never will again. But it is very likely that these are people – or accounts – that have given up on Twitter. Large image here

Would you like to research your own Twitter followers ?

If you want to learn more about your Twitter followers you can use the same tool I did. It is called Followerwonk, and you can find it here

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