Think Marketing Magazine Egypt interview Michael Leander in Cairo

The guys at Think Marketing Magazine – the leading marketing magazine in Egypt – interviewed me one early evening at the Hilton Zamalek in Cairo. The interview resulted in a series of videos, the first of which you can watch below.

The first of a series of Think Marketing videos discuss a few marketing tips and tricks. Although I was primarily addressing Egyptian marketers, I believe many of these tips are relevant to any marketer anywhere in the world.

Watch the video interview and get tips concerning these marketing areas

  • Frequency of communication in social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.
  • How reach is a problem in particular on Facebook due to Facebook’s filtering mechanics (Edgerank)
  • What the picture economy means for your marketing communication in and out of social media
  • Are other people’s content (OPC) better than your own original content?
  • What is a call to action and why is it important

In the video, you will also hear me talk about how you can go about measuring the effect of your social media marketing activities. You will get a tip which is likely to generate results for you quicker than the traditional approach.

Engaging with customers through – what I often refer to as the 3 C’s – will get you a much higher engagement rate. It may not come as quickly as the traditional approach, but when it does it will be strong and long-lasting.

Think Marketing Foundation as the cornerstone of success

When you listen to the end of the video, you will hear information about the marketing foundation. This is important because so many marketers haven’t spent enough time to get the fundamental marketing instruments fixed. One example is your website.

As you can hear in the interview with Think Marketing Magazine, I believe that your marketing mix should have your website at the center of everything you do. For that reason it is obviously important that you spend the time and resources necessary to make sure your website is fantastic.

What to do next?

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About the Author:

Michael Leander is an award winning international speaker, trainer, consultant and board member. He speaks about topics related to marketing automation, email marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, direct marketing, CRM and loyalty marketing. A consistently highly rated keynote speaker, marketing workshop trainer and panelist, he has shared his knowledge in more than 40 countries. Practicing what he preaches, Michael Leander also shares his knowledge and ideas on his blog and in all of the most popular social channels. Michael Leander hails from the Kingdom of Denmark.