This is what a Twitter spammer looks like

Now that most corporations are dealing very efficiently with email spam, social media spam is next.

Twitter spammers: here is a quick look at what professional spam in Twitter looks like.

Today I was doing some routine work in one of my social media campaign management tools where I stumbled upon around 15 Tweets. What made me curious was that all of them Tweeted the exact same text. Drilling further down I realized that most of the Twitter IDs (names) seemed phoney. And so did the photos.

I quickly realized that this was a case of Twitter spam.

This is what it looked like (excerpt of all the messages – click on the image to see full size)

Professional Twitter Spammers

When you click on the photo you are taken to Twitpic – a free photo sharing service.

Why should you care?

Well, probably you shouldn’t care too much. But I would like to point out that it pays to manually check whomever you are following on Twitter. Especially if you are using automated follower systems, it definitely pays to clean up and unfollow spammers like these. Why? Doing so should improve the value you can take away from using Twitter.

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