Nadeem Khorshid talks FMCG marketing in MEAWhat are the changes and trends in FMCG marketing and how do they affect brands targeting FMCG buyers? Listen to what Americana Group CMO Nadeem Khourshid has to say about that topic and how he defines the 360 degree customer approach.

After an intense 2 day training seminar & workshop of Americana Group’s FMCG division in Cairo, I talked to Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Nadeem Khourshid about his viewpoints on marketing and branding in the FMCG sector.

No small talk – just do it!
Heading up marketing for some of the largest FMCG brands in the MEA region, Nadeem Khourshid is highly knowledgeable about what it takes to become successful as an FMCG marketer. Americana Group brands are found on the top 3 list of the best selling brands in a lot of different FMCG categories. From poultry to bottled water. So he in his team are not just talking about how to become successful.

They are doing it every single day.

In the video below you can learn about Mr. Khourshid’s point of view concerning important marketing trends, the new breed of marketers and much more. Watch it now

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