Tryvertising and an interview with Kjero

  • Stefanie King Tryvertising with Kjero Austria

Tryvertising makes a lot of sense. Ever since I came across the concept years ago when a neighbor of mine was part of a tryvertising campaign for cigarettes (!) I’ve thought that this type of research is a great method.

Recently I met up with Stefanie King and Thomas Metzler from Kjero during a visit to Munich, Germany. Kjero is a startup based in Innsbruck, Austria specialized in Tryvertising and Word of mouth. Based on the feedback from their first customers, it seems that Kjero are doing everything right, and I’d like to take this opportunity to endorse them.

Watch the video interview with Stefanie and Thomas here and go here to learn more about Kjero (website currently only in the German language)

>> Go here to learn more about Kjero

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