Video sharing on Facebook outperforms other content types in 5 out of 6 industries

  • video sharing on Facebook beats other content types

Video sharing outperforms other shared content types – such as pictures and text – according to new report by Zuum Social. See the report below and keep in mind that this study was based on a North American audience.

See video sharing metrics compared to other content types below

How will video sharing on Facebook play out in other markets?

I believe that we are going to experience similar numbers for any market with a high broadband and mobile broadband penetration.
For markets where the majority of Facebook users are accessing the popular social networking platform through slow connections, video sharing is obviously not going to be as powerful as the numbers from North America shows.

But as internet and mobile internet access speed picks up around the world, video sharing is going to become even more popular.

If the name of the game is to engage an audience through video, many marketers will be seriously challenged. Most of us won’t have the resources, let alone the skills, to understand how to leverage video to engage an audience.

Some videos were created for TV advertisements and just happened to go viral.
Creating a video with the objective to get it shared, or to create a viral video from scratch, is no easy feat. It seems to me that just to get the right idea, and then be able to execute that idea perfectly, is something that most of us really don’t know how to do.

I guess filmmakers and other skilled video and film makers are going to have some glorious years ahead of them. Because marketers will need to employ the skills they have to create video content that gets shared ;-( (think of silly me who has been advocating amateur home made videos for years – they still work, but aren’t very likely to get the viral reach everyone is hoping for)

See videos that went viral here 

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