Nike viral video on YouTube cover imageThere are tons of attempts on creating viral video advertisements out there. Check YouTube on any given day, and you’ll see.

Researching for something new, I came across a viral video advertisement, which surprised me. It had an unexpected element of “feeling good” about it that I found rather compelling. You can watch it below.

As advertisers speculate on how to create and seed a piece of video advertisement hoping it will blow into an overnight sensation (go viral), it is fair to say that most fails – and some fail miserably.

In point of fact, I personally think that creating a video with an objective to make it hugely popular online is one of the very hardest things to do in modern marketing.

I found the video below – created by Casey Neistat (check his YouTube channel for more stuff) for Nike – to be incredibly compelling.

What do you think? Closing in on 8 million views it is obviously popular. In fact so much so that Nike says it is one of their best viral videos ever. To keep the good feeling alive, I am not going to ask how much more product Nike will sell from the success of this one video.

Personally, I think the video has become so popular for these reasons;

  • the little quotes strategically placed throughout the video are a stroke of geniuses on the part of the filmmakers and are highly motivational and uplifting
  • it tells a story
  • the mood, the mood, the mood. The music fits the moving images well.
  • although the video is 4 minutes, 36 seconds long, it keeps the viewer engaged.
  • it may take some viewers on a dream safari wishing they too could go on a journey like that

So there you have it.

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P.S. The Mahatma Gandhi quote was one of my favorites. Watch the video above to see the other super good quotes