golden ratio typographyIs your font and typography on your website the best it can be? Have you even considered why you are using the font, the sizes and colors you are currently using on your website or blog?

 If you haven’t, you should.

Because – believe it or not – setting the right font is not something you want to leave to chance. Or to a mediocre designer for that matter. Your typography plays an important role. Good typography ensures that visitors will read more of your content. Bad typography can give your visitors a headache.

You may want to start by browsing through Canva’s fresh Illustrated Glossary of Typography terms, which provides some good insight 

This article “Designing for the reading experience” is also worth a read

I have collected a few typography resources, which hopefully can help you understand typography and how to use it better. Browse and click through to the resources below. If you want more articles like this, get the 360 Degree Newsletter here

The Golden Ratio Typography Calculator

A good starting point to really understand the difference between using – say – Verdana and Times New Roman – head on over and test the “Golden Ratio Typography Calculator” – this tool will give you a sense of the difference between fonts and different sizes of fonts as well as the CPL – Characters per Line. Test it at no cost to you here

The Interactive Guide To Blog Typography

Your choice of fonts and how you style the text can make a big difference not only in how attractive your site looks, but also its readability. Created by web designer Tommi Kaikkonen, the Interactive Guide to Blog Typography covers layout, visual hierarchy, fonts, color, and more. The explanations are short and relevant. Go see what you can learn completely free

More best typography and webdesign links you may like

30 Blog designs with “killer” typography curated by Spyre Studios

ILT – I love typography. A blot about types and typography

Designer daily article with 28 stand-out websites and blogs

The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web – another guide

Smashing Magazine brings this interesting article “One More Time: Typography is the Foundation of Web Design”

Article by Oliver Reichenstein “Webdesign is 95% typography” – caused some controversy. Read to see what you think

and, for typography “nerds”, the bonus article with this awesome title “How to choose the right face for a beautiful body”.

And here is the longest infographic about setting the best font and typography for your website or blog created by

For free fonts and dingbats, check