Did you see the Wieden+Kennedy fail power point presentation everybody is talking about? If not, check it out below. They are challenging the whole advertising and marketing industry. And that is a good thing. Check out their power point presentation and see if you agree. There are some interesting statements in there.

i dont care wieden + kennedy powerpoint

HHWieden + Kennedy says that consumers don’t care

Interestingly, I have often been bashed for saying that 95% of business fail in social media. Or saying that for many businesses social media will not produce sales, merely generate an audience whom will consume publicity.

Well, I am just little ‘old international speaker me.

Wieden + Kennedy are one of the most respected advertising agencies on the planet. So when they speak, a whole lot more people listen. And I have to admit that I agree with a lot of the bold statements and claims they are making in this fail power point presentation.

Of course, we must keep in mind that Wieden+Kennedy also are biased and likely have a reason for taking the stance they do. After all, they are an advertising agency.

See the Wieden + Kennedy presentation here and please use the comment field below to voice your opinion.

There are a few interesting claims in the presentation. You may be in disagreement with some of these claims. If you are, use the comment field to share your opinion.Do you agree? Are you in disagreement with Wieden+Kennnedy? Are there any points or facts you would like to challenge?

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