In this improvised marketing tip Michael Leander talks about permission marketing. Using an example from a direct mail campaign from a bank, he explains why permission marketing is relevant in all media channels.

Permission marketing is the act of communicating based on consent. Most marketers wrongly assume that getting permission to communicate only is about electronic channels such as email and mobile messages. In this video Michael Leander talks about this exceedingly important marketing topic.

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In the video Michael shares his views on cross-media permission marketing and also gives you an example of how a bank showed good style by including a “stop communication” reply coupon in a direct mail.

When you watch the video, you will also see Michael endorsing a book written by Seth Godin. It is titled Permission Marketing and it is highly recommended that you get your hands on this bestselling marketing book. It does give you a great introduction to why getting consent to communicate across all channels is important to your brand.

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