Zig Ziglar passed away - picture of Zig Ziglar with book

Zig Ziglar’s book “Over the Top”

Zig Ziglar – motivational speaker, author and salesman – passed away on 28 November 2012. He inspired millions with his motivational and highly inspirational speeches and books. He leaves a winning legacy behind.

Unfortunately I never met Zig Ziglar, but I had the pleasure of seeing some of his videos and reading some of his material. A true salesman, his enthusiasm was smittening, and his advise solid.

To me he seemed like one of the most genuine of all the American motivational speakers. His speaking style was authentic, unique and with a good portion of humour. A true storyteller his gift was to inspire people to do better. And I am sure he did.

Zig Ziglar wrote more than 30 books.He published his first book – “See you at the top” when he was 49. It went on to sell more than 1,5 million copies, which is quite significant.

If you ever feel you need a bit of inspiration and motivation, google “Zig Ziglar” and read his wisdom and watch snippets of his presentations.

Thank you, Zig, for your inspiration. Rest in peace.