Digital Marketing Certificate Course

Digital Marketing Certificate Course is an intensive 3-day marketing course. Perfect for marketers based in Africa or the Middle East.

Certificate course in a nutshell: 3-day course * Africa & Dubai * Practical & action orientated

Are you charged with creating results through marketing and communication? If yes, then you’ve got a challenging role. But also an increasingly business-critical role.  The marketing role is changing and expanding.  The challenge now is to find a proper balance between traditional Marcom, digital, data and mobile.

To do that you must understand how you – specifically – can use digital and mobile to attract, convert and retain customers. And build and manage reputation, customer experience and so much more. That is exactly what the Chartered Digital Marketing Course can do for you. 

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The Chartered Digital Marketing Course is designed for you – with quick implementation in mind

learn digital marketing in AfricaThis unique 3-day digital marketing course is action-orientated. It is guaranteed to help you understand how to create a big and lasting impact.

Over the course of 3 intensive days full of practical learning, revealing case studies, self-assessments, and fun group exercises, you will acquire concrete and proven insights, tools, tips, and concepts.

Taught by pioneer digital marketer Michael Leander, this course is the real deal. Not one of those digital marketing certificate course aiming to sell you on the idea and importance of digital and mobile. If you are accepted as a student, you already know that.

The course focus is on how you get results with digital marketing. And that includes marketing using mobile, social media, video, email marketing, media placements, and other important marketing channels.

THE FOUNDATION: 20 years of digital marketing experience from the trenches.

Digital marketing course learnings
Learning examples from the 3-day Chartered Digital Marketing Certificate Course

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  • Create Your World Class Digital Marketing Ecosystem; How to design an efficient, high performing and cost-effective digital marketing ecosystem. This is key for any organization looking to get real ROI from their online presence.
  • How to engage an audience in the mobility space – and make it work; Tips, insights, and creative methods to on effectively engage your audience on mobility devices.
  • Plan and implement high conversion websites and landing pages: You will learn how to plan, test and implement websites, landing pages and e-commerce portals. Understand how you can reduce bounces, increase main KPI’s and learn best practices for usability, conversion, and design.
  • How to attract and retain an audience using content marketing: Get the creative juices flowing when we dive in. This section will teach you how to find attract, engage and convert audiences through compelling content.
  • Social media best practices for marketing, sales and customer service: Get behind the numbers, processes, and audience behavior in order to fully leverage social media for business.

Remember that you don’t know what you don’t know.  You will learn new techniques that at first will blow your mind. But once you start using these techniques yourself, you will soon see great results. This course is designed to help you and your organization succeed – and fast.

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Digital marketing certificationYou earn these certificates + win an Ipad

Attendees will get an opportunity to win a brand new iPad.

Attendees who successfully complete the course will also get

  • Certificate of Attendance
  • The Chartered Digital Marketing Certificate (requires passing grade)

Locations and dates

The Digital Marketing Certificate Course takes place at selected locations in the Middle East and Africa. We only use premium 5-star hotels offering superb food, excellent facilities, and a great experience.

In 2019/2010 the 3-day digital marketing course will be held at exclusive venues in Dubai, Doha, Nairobi, Kigali, and Kampala- just to name a few.

Note: This digital marketing certificate course can also be delivered as an in-company training course. Get in touch with Michael Leander if that is of interest.

The most experienced and accomplished digital marketing trainer

Michael Leander speakerMichael Leander is a highly experienced digital marketing expert and a renowned marketing trainer. He has (literally) inspired and taught more than 10.000 professionals on 6 different continents.

Michael’s digital marketing experience goes back to the early internet days. Since then he has used all areas of digital marketing to generate significant business for his clients and his own businesses. And acquired very significant insights and learnings in the process.

He has consulted many global household names – and feels equally at home in both B2B marketing and B2C marketing. Add to that his experience consulting governments, NGO’s and not for profit organizations.

Michael Leander’s proprietary concepts and marketing methodologies such as AID+LIRA, AIDEA, and ABOA are used by many marketing and communication departments across the world.

Recognized by his peers as a true expert, Michael judged marketing and advertising awards in over 15 countries. See a few video testimonials here – or visit Michael Leander’s full LinkedIn profile here

How/where to apply to attend?

Digital marketing certificate brochureIn order to participate in the digital marketing certificate course, we need to ensure that your qualifications and prior experience will help you get value from the course.

To know about the process and get answers to your questions, please follow act here:
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