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Michael Leander speaking at conference in Tallinn, Estonia (November 2012)

Michael Leander (quick bio here) speaks about a number of direct marketing related topics. From traditional direct marketing campaigns over database marketing to digital direct marketing activities. His approach is always anchored in Return on Marketing Investment principles and the numbers in direct marketing.

direct marketing workshop with Michael Leander

Michael Leander answers question at direct marketing conference in Riga, Latvia

Michael Leander’s training and keynote speeches are mostly focused on providing businesses with an understanding of how to achieve better direct marketing results.

More often than not, integrated direct marketing campaigns get better results. Michael Leander has the experience and practical insights needed to teach and inspire attendees to become better at direct marketing.

Michael has been teaching direct marketing principles in many countries. He is on the faculty of Drayton Bird’s highly acclaimed The European Academy of Direct and Interactive Marketing (EADIM). He has also given a large number of direct marketing related keynotes at leading conferences around the world.

Read on to learn more about standard direct marketing workshops, seminars and formats for in-company training, or go here to contact Michael Leander to discuss your specific needs.

NEW! The Essential Integrated Direct Marketing Workshop

At a time when too many marketers have fallen for the less productive single instrumentation approach, it is important to help marketers understand why an integrated multichannel direct marketing approach is important. And how integrated direct marketing generates far better results than a single instrument approach.

The direct marketing workshop can be tailored to any audience as a 4-hour mini workshop or a 1 day, 2 days or 3 days training event.

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In The Essential Integrated Direct Marketing Workshop, Michael Leander can cover some or all of these areas:

  • Understand your direct marketing metrics and Return on Marketing Investment principles
  • Setting your objectives and learn how to assess buyer objections
  • Learn about friction and how to avoid it
  • How to plan a successful direct marketing campaign
  • How to demystify target audience media/channel preferences
  • Tips and best practices for increasing response and sales
  • How to avoid common mistakes in direct marketing

The workshop can also provide attendees with great advice on database marketing related topics including;

  • How to build a high-value marketing database
  • How to profile your target audience
  • How to build a self-service profiling ecosystem

Other topics can include:

  • Best practices in email marketing for lead generation and sales
  • Best practices in telemarketing for lead generation and sales
  • Best practices in direct mail for lead generation and sales
  • How direct marketing plays a huge role for social media marketing success
  • The little things that generate fantastic results

To learn more about how you can book Michael Leander to speak about direct marketing at your event, contact Michael Leander directly here.