Speaker Michael LeanderMarketing speaker Michael Leander is an original, passionate and experienced speaker, trainer and consultant

Here is Michael Leander’s short bio:

Michael Leander is an accomplished, award-winning international marketing speaker, trainer and consultant. Speaking about marketing and innovation, he has delivered great experiences to audiences in 51 countries on 6 continents. This has earned him a reputation as a “great marketing speaker and marketing trainer”. Long bio is here.

Michael speaks about topics related to data-driven marketing, email marketing, digital marketing and social media marketing in general, marketing automation, customer loyalty marketing, content marketing, and CRM.

 In Michael’s own words now: 

Michael Leander speaking

Michael Leander keynote speaker on stage in Bogotá, Colombia

I can work for you as an inspiring keynote speaker, an experienced seminar leader or speaker, an effective workshop trainer. I can also train your team, partners or customers through customized in-company training, seminars or events.

Whatever you need, rest assured that I do not use canned material. My presentations are most often tailored to fit the needs of the audience.

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7 quick facts about me

  1. I have an equally good understanding of marcom, campaign development & execution and technology for marketing (also known as Martech).
  2. I have a practical background having spent half of my career on the client side and the half on the supplier/agency side.
  3. I do not take life – or myself – too seriously – life is too short for that. I also don’t pretend to be something I am not. I call a bluff when I see one.
  4.  I have developed proprietary methodologies used for successful implementation of digital and direct marketing campaigns as well as CRM and loyalty management implementations
  5. Some consider me an authority in permission-based email marketing, marketing automation, and social media marketing, but I have always been a firm advocate of multi-channel marketing and Return on Marketing Investment.
  6. I have been known to use humor and audience interaction as a way of getting my points across.
  7. I am a firm believer in getting the marketing basics right before adding the newest fads to the marketing mix

With more than 20 years of marketing experience – digital marketing since 1995 – I have been hands-on involved in just about any part of marketing one can think of. Be sure to see the videos below. 

A highly versatile speaker and marketing trainer, I can effectively cover many relevant and current marketing topics for you. I have shared my ideas and knowledge in 51 countries on 6 continents. So I  feel very much at home speaking in front of international audiences.

Consider me for your next conference, seminar, workshop or in-company training. Get in touch today to discuss how I can add value to your event.

Video interviews with Michael Leander

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