Digital Marketing Certificate Course in Tanzania

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The Digital Marketing Certificate Course in Dar es Salaam – first time in Tanzania

The digital marketing and mobile marketing certificate course comes to Tanzania for the first time. The course caters to business professionals, marketing experts, and marketing communication specialist from the African continent.

Organizations interested in improving the efficiency of marketing and communications are sure to benefit from the course content. The course covers a range of important digital marketing and mobile marketing areas. All are designed to help increase marketing efficiency, build stronger brands and create better customer engagements. The content is very much customized to be as relevant as possible to marketers in Tanzania.

The course will be delivered by Michael Leander in a highly interactive, engaging format. There will be plenty of opportunities to test your own digital and mobile marketing ideas, learn new and proven concepts and smart digital marketing approaches.

Learn more about Tanzania digital marketing certificate course by following these links:

This digital marketing certificate course also takes place on the following dates and locations:

  • Nairobi, Kenya on 14-16 December 2017
  • Nairobi, Kenya on 15-17 February 2017
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates on 19-21st April 2017

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