Fintech Growth Hacking Geneva: Email marketing and marketing automation

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Fintech growth hacking: Marketing automation and email marketing at Fintech Fusion’s growth hacking week for fintech entrepreneurs in Geneva, Switzerland.

Fintech Fusion organizes a week long fintech growth hacking training in Geneva. This private event caters exclusively to businesses enrolled in Fintech Fusion’s Fintech Acceleration Program.

fintech marketing innovation

Switzerland leading the way in fintech innovation.

Fintech growth hacking: marketing automation

I (Michael Leander) will present marketing automation and email marketing growth hacking tips.

Needless to say automated marketing processes, marketing and action/no-action triggers and smarter communication iare important to any business active in any part of the fintech space. Furthermore,  email marketing continues to produce exceptional ROMI (return on marketing investment) when used right.

Using email marketing and marketing automation to engage, convert, sustain and grow customers is also an effective method for startups. But there are certain things a startup must know in order to succeed with marketing automation and data driven marketing communication. Some of these components will be covered during my talks in Geneva.

Interestingly, there is so much innovation coming out of the fintech space right now.  Much of it literally changes people’s behavior. In a good way. And much of that innovation comes from entrepreneurial initiatives in Switzerland.
I am excited to share selected marketing automation and email marketing growth hacking tips to this exclusive group of promising fintech startups.

Fintech Fusion is currently doing a wonderful job assisting fintech startups through their unique 12 month long acceleration program.  The Fintech growth hacking week is a solid testament to Fintech Fusion’s commitment to entrepreneurs enrolled in their fintech acceleration program.

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Sorry, this is a private, invitation-only event.  But if you would like to invite me to speak at your event, get in touch here.