Kampala Digital Marketing Masterclass in Uganda

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Kampala Digital Marketing Masterclass in Uganda

Kampala, Uganda: Discover proven social media and digital marketing techniques that could boost your business online, increase your marketing impact and put digital, social and mobile into perspective.

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The Digital Marketing Masterclass is a highly rated digital marketing and social media marketing masterclass. You will learn from marketing guru and global keynote speaker Michael Leander, top trainer Joao Ribeiro and accomplished local experts.

If you want to learn how to use digital marketing and social media effectively, don’t miss this opportunity.

You will get world class inspiration, tips & ideas, and learn techniques you can put to use immediately. Learn:

  • How to boost your business using digital marketing – without breaking the bank
  • Why every marketer must understand and apply AIDEA  – the new AIDA
  • How to get started using the most effective digital marketing channel around
  • Get best-in-class benchmarked tips on how to use social media for business
  • Proven social media marketing techniques to acquire customers, retain customers and why AID+LIRA is the formula for success
  • How to expand brand awareness using digital marketing and mobile marketing.

Kampala Digital Marketing Masterclass is designed to give Ugandan marketers results. The content is the perfect mix of information you can use immediately and methodologies that will help your implementation.

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