Marketing conference in Karachi, Pakistan. Dig-it!

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Marketing conference #1 in Karachi is called Dig-it! And it is back once again. Ready to inspire, educate and enlight.

The theme at Dig-it this year is data-driven marketing and big data. A host of local and international speakers will be covering topics related to marketing and advertising technology, creativity, personalization, customization and  – importantly – how to take action.

Speakers representing brand and agency side will share their best stories, insights, and tips on how to make the best use of data. Making data actionable is key. Finding addressable audiences is important. Consistently enhancing the value of communication, the relevance, and impact of it.

I am delighted to once again be part of Dig-it. My favorite people at Pakistan Advertisers Society once again plays host to Dig-it – the day before another important event in Pakistan, which of course is the highly anticipated PAS Awards.

Says the organizer Pakistan Advertisers Society: 
“This year at Dig-It, we’re bringing together a group of digital and marketing leaders to explore the future of marketing, analytics, and technology-assisted creativity to learn how marketers around the world are using data to inform successful omni-channel campaigns and how creatives leverage data to enhance their understanding of audience”

Technology assisted creativity: what a great term. And it is true. Because from understanding data, creative folks too will be inspired to create new engaging ways to communicate.

If the success of Dig-it in past years is anything to go by, this year Dig-it is going to once again be talked about as the marketing conference #1 in Karachi. No less.

Go here now to see the program, learn about the speakers and then click on the registration button.