Webinar moderator “How to use B2B video marketing for better results”

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I will be moderating the Markedu webinar “Hot to use B2B video marketing for better results”.

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Attend to get  inspiration and insight on how to effectively incorporate video in B2B marketing:

  1. Why video is “the new black” for 360 degree marcom in B2B
  2. Which types of videos are relevant for most B2B organizations
  3. Which Key Performance Indicators are relevant to measure the effectiveness of your video efforts
  4. How you can leverage video content across digital and traditional media
  5. What you need, in terms of skills, expertise, tools and platforms

The expert speaker presenter is Morten Baggesen.

PS: Picture above is from an in-company training session with Unilever. Learn about my customized incompany marketing training here.