Nairobi Digital and Mobile Marketing Masterclass

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Digital marketing and mobile marketing masterclass in Nairobi, Kenya

Designed to meet the needs of modern marketers from Africa, the 2 day digital marketing and mobile marketing masterclass takes place in Nairobi, Kenya. Take two days

Organized by A.B.M.C. the 2 day masterclass is delivered by Michael Leander. The event guarantees that every single attendee will walk away with actionable advice, best practices insight and proven ideas, that can be implemented right away. Focus is on how to make stuff work – and not on selling the idea of using one or other marketing channel. The premise is a media agnostic approach with focus on actual audience behavior, ROMI and how to use modern technology to meet marketing  (and sales) objectives.

Marketing professionals representing African brands in the midst of digital transformation will benefit hugely from attending the Nairobi Digital and Mobile Marketing Masterclass. So will professionals working at leading agencies charged with helping ambitious and forward looking brands

Check the brochure below for more details and contact information