Here you will find Michael Leander’s free marketing tips, marketing resources and links to tips you can use in your work. If you want to improve your marketing skills, you will find marketing resources you can use.

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marketing community connectedIncrease your marketing knowledge – connect for free with the best marketing communities

There are many ways to increase your marketing knowledge and hone your skills. But one of the best ways is to connect with your marketing peers through social networking communities for marketers. Here are some good marketing communities:

Marketing speaker Michael Leander entertaining an audience in Cape Town, South Africa.

Michael Leander training Cape Town, South Africa

Marketing training and marketing courses 

There are many opportunities for you to study marketing. Many take place in your own country, while some courses cater to an international audience.

If you are looking for a specific training course, you are always welcome to contact Michael Leander for guidance. Do that here.

Follow the links below to visit some outstanding training providers and portals.

Books you must read (free and for payment)

Marketing books

Read marketing books to improve your skills

There are thousands of marketing books out there that all contain a certain amount of marketing tips, marketing techniques and methodologies that can help you do your marketing job better.

What you should be reading depends on your current marketing situation and what you want to accomplish in your current role.

My recommendation is to read a good mix of books related to new concepts of marketing, books related to consumer- and business buyer behavior and books discussing specifics of – for example – marketing channels or marketing tactics. Reading books about how other people become successful is also an option if you are seeking inspiration and guidance.

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Below are a few selected direct marketing and digital marketing books that I believe you should read at least once, if you haven’t already.

  • Commonsense Direct & Digital Marketing by Drayton Bird: A classic and extremely well written book about direct marketing. This book got Michael Leander hooked on direct marketing years ago. Read it and get the best introduction to direct marketing you can get. Commonsense Direct & Digital Marketing – buy it now
  • Free: Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins: It is hard to believe that a book written so long ago can be relevant today. But it is and it is short, sweet and to the point. Allow yourself the time to read the book that has been praised by many direct marketing gurus including David Ogilvy and Drayton Bird. Get your free e-book copy here.
  • Permission marketing by Seth Godin. The first book about permission marketing which also is the piece of marketing literature that defines the term. Buy Permission Marketing : Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers
  • 1to1 Marketing books by Martha Rogers and Don Peppers: Martha and Don have written many books. I highly recommend that you read ALL of them. Find a list of their books here.

Videos you should see and hear (free and for payment)

MarketingTelly is a free website (disclaimer: owned by Michael Leander) offering thousands of hours of free marketing inspiration via videos, webinar recordings and such.

Go see for yourself on the homepage MarketingTelly.

> See videos related to marketing training here

> See fun viral marketing videos here

Here are two samples of videos from MarketingTelly

Michael Leander talks to Steffan Aquarone about online video

Allan Pease teaching us about behavior of women and men (must see!)

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