B2B Marketing Masterclass

Michael Leander speaking in Lisbon, Portugal

The B2B Marketing Masterclass is a 1 or 2 day workshop format training course for B2B marketers. Delivered by Michael Leander, the B2B Marketing Masterclass is guaranteed to bring actionable insights to attendees. 

With a stringent focus on how to improve the efficiency of B2B marketing, Michael Leander’s B2B Marketing Masterclass is ideal for B2B marketers across all industries. The masterclass can be conducted as a 1 day or 2 day program. If you want to know more, contact Michael Leander here.

B2B Marketing Masterclass content

The actual content is often customized to fit the local market and specific requirements of attendees. The content outline below merely serves as sample content. You can also see a sample program from a masterclass in Singapore here

Day 1 B2B Marketing Masterclass content

> How to deal with the modern B2B buyer and the buying center

b2b Marketing Masterclass

Emphasis is on how attendees can increase marketing ROI

* Marketing to B2B buyers is becoming increasingly difficult. In this morning session you will hear more about the modern B2B buyer and learn what you need to do in order to position yourself to be able to attract the attention of a modern B2B buyer.
* How to penetrate the buying center and what the prerequisites are for you to do that effectively
> The ideal B2B marketing ecosystem and how to improve yours
* You will get an overview of the ideal B2B marketing ecosystem and see examples from leading B2B companies from around the world
* You will get insight into “what’s next” to be able to understand what you will need to address in the near future

> 5 tips for immediately improving your ecosystem
* In this session before lunch, you will get 5 concrete tips that will help selected parts of your B2B marketing ecosystem improve results

> How to establish an effective lead acquisition and nurturing system with The PLEA
* The PLEA is Michael Leander’s proprietary model for lead acquisition, lead nurturing and converting leads to customers. You will learn this proven model and quickly understand how you can apply it in your daily work
* You will be given a thorough introduction to each step and learn how to implement the model in your business

> How to use lead scoring and lead nurturing effectively and how that results in more customers quickly
lead scoring b2b marketing masterclass* You will learn what lead scoring is and why it is important to modern B2B marketers. You will see practical examples of lead scoring in action
* You will learn how to map the customer journey with a lead nurturing program, which will help you educate and eventually convert leads to customers
* We will also cover the basic prerequisites and briefly touch upon the database and CRM requirements necessary to leverage lead nurturing and lead scoring

> 5 tips for effective use of video on your website and other channels
* In the last session of the day, we will look at how a B2B marketer can use video effectively on website and other channels.
* This will be a fun and interactive session, which will teach you a few truths about how you can make video work for your brand

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Day 2 B2B Marketing Masterclass content

> How to make content marketing – also known as inbound marketing – work for your business

Michael Leander B2B marketing masterclass

The content of a B2B marketing masterclass has to balance fun & seriousness

In this fast paced, fun and inspirational session, we will touch upon the essential components relevant to an effective content marketing strategy. These components have relevance for all of your channels; website, email, social media and more.

Some of the topics covered are;
* How to develop a content marketing concept
* How to ensure that your content is mapped with the buying process of your target audience
* How to work with content distribution and content delivery; includes channels, scheduling and timing tactics and OPC (other people’s content)
* How to repurpose content
* How to plan content; from the content calendar to how you address the many different formats required when seeding through multiple channels and media

> Writing content that gets results using the ABOA model
* The ABOA model is a simple and very practical model. It is related to AIDA, but goes deeper. It is relevant for understanding how you prepare high conversion text on websites, in brochures, in email campaigns etc.
* Michael Leander will teach you his model and through practical examples attendees will practice the model

Tip: Attendees all over the world have shown enormous appreciation for the ABOA model and many are now using it very frequently

> Measuring your B2B marketing online
* We will look at ways to measure your B2B marketing online
* You will get input on how you decide on your KPI’s and how you learn from your marketing experiments
The afternoon of our second day is designed to answer any questions you may have and to provide concrete, actionable tips to improve your marketing effectiveness

Here are some of the areas we will cover;

> How to make social media work for B2B marketers
* Making LinkedIn work for you; tips and advice to improve your LinkedIn presence and attract more leads and customers through LinkedIn
* Making Twitter, YouTube and other popular social media channels work for you

>  17 tips that will help you improve our email marketing results including tips on;
– frequency and timing
– how to structure your content and layout of emails
– how to A/B split test your email communication
– how to use profiling and how to leverage the data you capture to improve the recipient experience

> 3 tips on marketing automation
* Marketing automation is very effective when used properly. You will get 3 practical tips on how to approach marketing automation including;
– how to setup an effective sequential auto responder program
– how to use triggered messages based on audience behavior

Throughout the 2 days there will be plenty of interactivity and ample time to answer attendee questions.

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