Marketing speaker Michael Leander delivers keynotes about the latest trends and changes in marketing and marketing technology

Marketing speaker Michael Leander speaks in Slovenia

Marketing speaker Michael Leander speaking at a marketing conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Award winning marketing speaker Michael Leander could be your next keynote speaker. His presentations can be tailored to your audience. In the past his keynotes have been highly rated by audiences large and small in more than 40 countries.

Deep marketing understanding and practical experience makes a good marketing speaker
Michael speaks at conferences and seminars. In the past he has presented a broad variety of marketing topics. Many touches on the intersection between communication and technology. And all of them are customized for your audience and purpose.

The complexities in making communication work as a result of using technology  is something he has been very much involved with throughout his business career.

With a direct marketing background he is very much at home delivering keynotes and inspirational talks about data driven marketing, marketing automation, how technology affects marketing and the CMO’s changing role.

Trend and changes in marketing includes keynotes titled:

  • 9 things that redefine the role of marketing
  • 11 things that marketers need to do to survive the future
  • The new role of marketing: Marketing automation for executives
  • Customer management in the age of social
  • The changing landscape of CRM

The topic of trends and changes in marketing is delivered with a good portion of showmanship, interaction and eye-brow raising hard core facts. As a marketing speaker, Michael Leander is fun, engaging, shocking, serious and on point.

Get a marketing speaker who has walked the walk
Michael Leander is someone who has walked the walk and talked the talk. Drawing from a successful career in marketing, sales and top management, he is a knowledgeable expert able to effectively engage even the most spoiled audience.

A marketing innovator, he is visionary, yet grounded.

When you check-out Michael Leander’s testimonials, you will read how audiences have been amused, surprised and highly energized after listening to a trends and changes in marketing keynote.

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