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email marketing speaker Michael Leander

In spite of the buzz about social media marketing and other new marketing methods, permission based email marketing is still the #1 instrument for getting marketing ROI (Return on Marketing Investment). And email marketing speaker Michael Leander is one of the foremost email marketing experts and trainers.

email marketing speaker Michael Leander

Email marketing speaker Michael Leander on stage in Cairo

Michael Leander has delivered presentations in more than 40 countries. And always with very good or excellent feedback. As an email marketing speaker, Michael draws upon more than 15 years of practical experience with email marketing. He has literally been involved in thousands of email marketing campaigns. And still is.

Scroll down to get an overview of what Michael can offer you if you are looking for an email marketing speaker. Get in touch via LinkedIn if you want to discuss your event or training right away.

Were you looking for someone to speak about marketing automation? Michael Leander can do that too. Get in touch here.

Email Marketing Speaker – keynotes

michael leander speaking at Eurobest in Amsterdam

Michael Leander speaking at Eurobest in Amsterdam

No matter what your objective is, Michael Leander can customize an email marketing keynote presentation that will make you and your audience happy. (See testimonials here)

If want a visionary keynote speech which outlines the future of email marketing, Michael can do that. If you want a presentation emphasising the must-do’s marketers must address now, Michael can do that too.

Experience has proven that the best keynote presentations are tailor made. And Michael is more than happy to customize an email marketing keynote presentation to fit your purpose and your audience. >> See sample slides from an event in Frankfurt, Germany here <<<

Here are some examples of Michael Leander’s past email marketing keynotes:

  • 19 things they didn’t tell you about email marketing (or 5, 7, 9 things)
  • How to get started with permission based email marketing
  • Great permission acquisition strategies for email marketing
  • How to get more opens and way more clicks that matter
  • First things first! From email acquisition to a heartfelt welcome

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Email Marketing Masterclass

Email marketing speaker at email marketing masterclass

From Email Marketing Masterclass in Zagreb, Croatia

The Email Marketing Masterclass was developed by Michael Leander. As part of an agreement with Markedu, this successful format has been presented in many countries to audiences ranging from 25 attendees and up.

Depending on the format and duration, the Email Marketing Masterclass covers all critical elements of successful email marketing. From subscriber acquisition to integrating email marketing with other direct and digital marketing channels. And – for the modern audience – marketing automation.

The email marketing masterclass can be delivered in the following formats:

  • 4 hour mini-masterclass
  • 1 day masterclass (see example here)
  • 2 day email marketing masterclass
  • Advanced 1 day email marketing masterclass
  • As a web seminar format with a duration of 30-90 minutes

The Email Marketing Masterclass is also perfect as a specialized keynote entry for large conferences or as a pre-conference or post-conference offering to your delegates.

Are you considering an Email Marketing Masterclass as part of your event?
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Email Marketing Workshop

Michael Leander speaking in Riga, Latvia at Password 2012 and Best Internet Marketing Conference

Michael Leander speaking at conference in Riga, Latvia

An email marketing workshop is a great way to let your audience get acquainted with various aspects of email marketing.

Depending on the skill level, Michael can customize email marketing workshops to your specific needs.

For example: how about a workshop exclusively addressing email newsletters and dives deep into the content part? Or how about one focusing on permission acquisition (getting subscribers)? Or perhaps an interactive workshop teaching attendees how to leverage marketing automation for better ROI? The possibilities are endless.

An email marketing workshop format can be delivered in these standard formats

  • Full day email marketing workshop
  • 4 hours email marketing workshop
  • 2 hour email marketing workshop
  • 6 hour online (webinar) email marketing workshop

Are you considering having an Email Marketing Workshop as part of your event?
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Email marketing conference moderator or panelist?

Email marketing speaker and panelist Michael Leander in India

Michael Leander a panelist at conference in New Delhi, India

If you want a lively moderator or an enthusiastic panelist, consider Michael Leander. Apart from email mail marketing, Michael is also very knowledgeable in other areas related to digital marketing and direct marketing.

Get in touch with Michael Leander to discuss your needs for a marketing moderator or panelist