Get Michael Leander as your next marketing automation speaker or trainer.
With a background in CRM, email marketing and automated marketing processes, Michael is one of the most experienced marketing automation practitioners around.

Marketing automation is currently a top priority for many marketers. A professional speaker, Michael Leander’s practical expertise with CRM, database marketing, direct marketing, email marketing and advanced campaign flows positions him as one of the most knowledgeable marketing automation speakers.

marketing automation speaker Michael Leander

Michael Leander speaking at marketing automation conference in Portugal

Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker to open your conference, an expert to lead a marketing automation workshop, a speaker for a seminar or a seasoned trainer to design and deliver an in-company training session, Michael Leander is the answer.

Michael Leander has delivered keynotes, workshops and training sessions in more than over 50 countries. His content is always customized to fit the exact requirements of any event or training session. And it is always delivered with great enthusiasm and energy.

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Marketing automation speaker topics

Experience shows that customizing content to fit your audience and purpose gives the best result. But Michael Leander can also work around the following standard marketing automation topics;

> Marketing automation: What is it, why should you care and how to get started
> How lead nurturing can help you improve customer acquisition
> 9 ways to become successful with your marketing automation implementation

Good marketing automation comes as a result of doing a few things very well. These include database and target audience management, matching content with the recipient, content creation addressing different stages of the buying cycle and how to best design an automated nurturing program that converts to sales.

NEW! Marketing automation masterclass

Michael Leander’s new marketing automation masterclass is a full day workshop. It takes attendees through all the steps required to plan, prepare, launch, monitor and improve marketing automation in a multi-channel marketing environment.

Contact Michael Leander to learn more about this masterclass. If you want to know more about the topic of marketing automation, see what Wikipedia has to say here

Focus on the practical experience – not theories

A good marketing automation speaker is someone with a lot of practical experience. Practical experience adds the most value to attendees. The theory of marketing automation is easily understood by any marketer. Michael’s hands-on experience in marketing automation goes – as they say – way back.

Michael Leander is experienced in most areas related to automation of marketing and sales processes.  So if you are looking for a marketing automation speaker to cover a very specific area of marketing automation, it is likely that Michael is the right speaker or trainer for you.

The only way to find out is to get in touch and start the conversation. Get in touch with Michael Leander here or connect on LinkedIn here and let’s talk. 

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