Social media speakers are popular conference and seminar speakers these days. Marketing speaker Michael Leander’s way of presenting social media marketing is highly rated. His tell it like it is “social media is for customer centricity” and “social media in an omnichannel marketing context” approach has earned him quite a few fans. Unlike most social media speakers, he is a marketing expert with no hidden agenda.

If you want an unbiased and straight forward social media speaker or social media marketing trainer, you won’t regret working with Michael Leander.  Unlike most social media marketing speakers or trainers, he is an independent marketing expert with no hidden agendas. Your audience will know immediately that he speaks unfiltered from his heart and mind.

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Social media speaker Michael Leander presenting the AID+LIRA model in Kuala Lumpur

A long term proponent of multi-channel marketing, Michael Leander has significant experience with social media. He has been using social media for his own businesses. And has insights from working with clients around the world.

Social media speakers tend to favor certain platforms and networks.  Their experience is often limited to social media. Because that’s what they do. Their speeches often remind us about the hammer and the nail story. Not so with Michael.

With 20+ years of direct marketing experience and digital marketing since 1996, Michael is someone who can put social media in the context where it belongs. Not someone who preaches social media marketing like most “fadsters” do. But someone who understands how businesses can leverage social media in unison with other marketing channels.

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Social media marketing training and inspiration


Social Media Marketing Keynote

No matter what your objective is and which level of experience your audience have, Michael Leander can tailor a keynote presentation to make you and your audience happy.

Past social media marketing titles have included:

  • Social Media Marketing: What is the hype all about and why you should care
  • 7 steps to get you on the right social media marketing track
  • How to leverage social media marketing for lead acquisition
  • How B2B marketers can leverage social media marketing effectively
  • The IELCC (Identify, Engage, Listen, Converse, Convert) of social media
  • Why the content concept is critical for your social media marketing success
  • Setting up listening posts in social media and then what?

Social media marketing is a broad content area and Michael Leander is able to customize keynotes addressing not just strategies, but also specific tools and tactics.

Customer service in social media is another topic Michael can talk about.

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Social Media Marketing Masterclass
The Social Media Marketing Masterclass was developed by Michael Leander. As part of Michael Leander’s agreement with Markedu, this successful format has been presented in many countries to audiences ranging from 10 to many hundreds of attendees.

The social media marketing masterclass can be presented in the following formats

  • 4 hour mini-masterclass
  • 1 day masterclass (see example here)
  • 2 day social media marketing masterclass
  • Advanced 1 day social media marketing masterclass
  • As a web seminar format with a duration of 30-90 minutes

The Social Media Marketing Masterclass is also perfect as a specialized keynote entry for large conferences or as a pre-conference or post-conference offering to your delegates.

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Social Media Marketing Workshop
A social media marketing workshop is a great way to let your audience get acquainted with various aspects of social media marketing.
Depending on the skill level, Michael can customize social media marketing workshops to your specific needs. For example how to use Facebook to acquire leads or how to use Twitter to increase the customer experience.

The workshop format can be delivered in these formats

  • Full day social media marketing workshop
  • 4 hours social media marketing workshop
  • 2 hour social media marketing workshop
  • 6 hour online (webinar) social media marketing workshop

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Moderator or panelist?
If you want a lively moderator or an enthusiastic panelist, consider Michael Leander. Apart from social media marketing, Michael has a wide knowledge of anything direct and/or interactive marketing related.

Note: As a panelist in the social media marketing context, Michael is likely to take the voice of the skeptic adding a nice counterbalance to a panel of social media marketing evangelists.

Getting someone like Michael to moderate your social media marketing event might just prove to be the icing on the cake.

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