Marketing speaker testimomonials for Michael Leander who has received more than 500 testimonials, recommendations and endorsements from all over the world. Check some of his endorsements below.

More than 100 professionals from around the world have endorsed Michael Leander as a marketing speaker on LinkedIn. See those marketing speaker endorsements here.

Grounded in more than 20 years of marketing and management experience, Michael Leander speaks about various aspects of marketing: from traditional direct marketing over marketing automation to social media marketing.
Michael Leander also offers marketing training, moderation at conferences and online webinars, in company training activities, marketing consulting and as a professional board member for technology or internet related businesses.

Michael Leander is quite versatile – his marketing speaker testimonials proves this statement.

His presentations generally are in the areas of digital marketing, direct marketing, CRM, loyalty marketing and marketing for change.

He frequently speaks alongside other great marketing speakers at conferences and seminars around the world. Many of these esteemed marketing speakers have endorsed Michael, which is a testament to his abilities as a speaker, and as a marketing professional.

What sets Michael Leander apart is his ability to both speak to C-Suite management, as well as to marketing professionals involved in execution. He is a marketing thought leader and a practitioner rolled into one.

Michael Leander takes pride in practicing what he preaches. He spends many hours each week hands-on involved in his own marketing activities. He is constantly testing, experimenting and learning more and more about the marketing and technology fields.

If you need a marketing speaker for your next event, or if you are considering hiring a highly experienced marketing trainer or marketing consultant, then get in touch with Michael Leander here